After-Sales Dienstleistungen generieren typischerweise mehr als 25% des Umsatzes und mehr als 50% des Profits. Ein gesunder Mix zwischen Maintenance Dienstleistungen, Reparaturen, Ersatzteilen, proaktiven Service Verträgen und Value Add Services sind eine Grundvoraussetzung für den Erfolg eines Unternehmens

Unser Angebot :

We perform a Service Health Check to asses if you are leveraging the full potential of your Service Business. This is a crucial question as Service Business normally is profitable business with considerable growth potential
We follow a defined path with clear steps to develop the Service Business and leverage the existing customer base. Each of these steps can be done independent, the right mix and combination of them is the route to a new horizon
To avoid Service business risks requests the implementation of non-financial KPI’s (early indicators) to monitor trends and react early before it has an impact to the financial KPI’s
The base for a company culture are its core values. The best strategy only works if it is supported by a strong corporate culture lived by the whole organization. It’s not the strategy that makes the difference at the end, it’s the culture !
We support you in bringing the Service Business to a new horizon through assessments, workshops, activity templates, dash boards to display and communicate the progress

We have the know-how, experience and the network of partners