Are you leveraging the full of your Service Potential? This is a crucial question as Service Business normally is profitable business with considerable growth potential
It can be worthwhile the effort to first check the fitness of your Service Organization and Business Performance before launching major actions and improvement programs
We offer a concise and focused check of your Service Business in 2 – 3 days
It answers questions like:
  • How committed is the company towards its Service Business?
  • How is the financial performance?
  • What is the untouched potential?
  • Are there early indicators in place that may have an impact on the financial performance?
  • Is the Service Strategy aligned with the strategy of the company?
  • How good is the installed base documented?
  • How is the Service Portfolio defined and how is it rolled out?
  • How dedicated is the organization towards Service?
  • Is there a career path in place for the Service Staff?
  • Is there a Service Training landscape in place including soft skills trainings?
  • What happens with good ideas from the field? Are they shared with other colleagues?
  • How does the company get customer feedback? What happens with that feedback?
  • What tools are in place (sales lead management etc.)
The results of this check is a health map showing strengths and weaknesses of your Service Organization and suggested actions and measures to improve it 
The output is:
  • Presentation to the management
  • A Roadmap to support the planning of resources
  • Action plan with proposed next steps